Welcome to The House Of Kangaroo
With Excellence, Appearance & Purpose in mind, the House of Kangaroo is the industry leader in creating premium hand-made kangaroo leather products. The House of Kangaroo ensures the product you receive is one you cherish and enjoy immediately and well into the future.
Skilled craftsman, trained in the art of working with the unique qualities of kangaroo leather, cut, sew and assemble each one of our premium products ensuring quality, consistency and uniqueness. The finest quality accessories including linings, buckles, clasps and zippers are then used to complete each and every House of Kangaroo product.
The House of Kangaroo is pleased to introduce you to an extensive and ever-growing line of premium kangaroo leather business, travel, sport & individual products that stand above all other leather counterparts in quality, uniqueness and style.
Welcome to the House of Kangaroo.

The House of Kangaroo
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