Why Kangaroo ?
Kangaroo leather is one of the most amazing natural leathers available in the world. The superior natural characteristics of kangaroo leather makes it stronger, more durable, softer and more water resistant than any of its more commercially known leather counterparts such as bovine, sheep or goat.
Most of these remarkable benefits derive from the fact that the kangaroo is a wild animal. All kangaroo leather originates from freely roaming herds that have adapted their hides to survive in one of the most diverse environments on earth – Australia.
No kangaroos are farmed or hunted for commercial purposes. Australia is currently vastly overpopulated with kangaroos. As a result the State National Parks and Wildlife Associations have for many years been operating a humane culling
process to help reduce the numbers.
The House of Kangaroo only uses SNPWA’s approved kangaroo leather.

The House of Kangaroo
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